The Nordic Loft

Logo and Branding

 Based on the theme of a nordic beach, stormy seas meet salt washed pebbles in a mix of blues and taupes.
This range required Business cards, Price labels and Gift Cards amongst other stationary.


Rainbow Nail Salon

The client wanted a rainbow of colours to match the immense amount of nail polish colours she had in the salon, plus it matched her bright personality perfectly!


Lifecycle Celebrant

Claire wanted something that would encompass the ceremonies she presides over from birth to death.
The lifecycle of a tree with its green new shoots through to the changing of the seasons and the gentle fall of the leaves, however to signify the passing of a soul, the leaves were changed to feathers.


Miss Lilly Botanical Beauty

The client wanted something very simple and clean with a hint of green to incorporate the Botanical element within her products but with a younger feel to the type.



Retail Signage and Advertisment

Hand drawn chalkboard replaced monthly and window signage during Covid outbreak to advertise this local high street business.


YMCA Lakeside

This commission was to create both an onsite and online map for children to use when visiting the Lakeside centre for outbound days.